Im Idealfall ein konditionsstarker Butler, der die Schläger schleppt. In Amerika wird Caddie mit einem 'y' (also caddy) geschrieben. Warum das so ist, kann kein Mensch sagen. Auf Englisch ist ein 'caddy' ein 'Teetöpfchen'.

Golf lexikon . 2014.

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  • caddie — caddie, caddy Caddie (originally Scottish) is a golf attendant; caddy is a container for tea …   Modern English usage

  • caddie — (also caddy) ► NOUN (pl. caddies) ▪ a person who carries a golfer s clubs and provides other assistance during a match. ► VERB (caddying) ▪ work as a caddie. ORIGIN originally Scots, denoting a gentleman who joined the army without a commission,… …   English terms dictionary

  • caddie — [kad′ē] n. [Scot form of Fr cadet: see CADET] 1. Obs. an errand boy 2. a person who attends a golfer, carrying the clubs, finding the balls, etc. 3. a small, two wheeled cart, as for carrying golf bags vi. caddied, caddying to act as a caddie …   English World dictionary

  • Caddie — Cad die, n. [Written also {caddy}, {cadie}, {cady}, and {cawdy}.] [See {Cadet}.] 1. A cadet. [Obs. Scot.] [Webster 1913 Suppl.] 2. A lad; young fellow. [Scot.] Burns. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] 3. One who does errands or other odd jobs. [Scot.]… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • caddie — / kædi/, it. / kɛd:i/ s. ingl. [dallo scozz., a sua volta dal fr. cadet ], usato in ital. al masch., invar. (sport.) [ragazzo che porta i bastoni del giocatore di golf] ▶◀ portabastoni …   Enciclopedia Italiana

  • caddie — caddie, caddy → cadi …   Diccionario panhispánico de dudas

  • caddie — 1630s, Scottish form of Fr. cadet (see CADET (Cf. cadet)). Originally person who runs errands; meaning of golfer s assistant is 1851. A letter from Edinburgh c.1730 describes the city s extensive and semi organized Cawdys, a very useful Black… …   Etymology dictionary

  • caddie — /ˈkɛddi, ingl. ˈkædɪ/ s. m. e f. inv. (nel golf) portabastoni …   Sinonimi e Contrari. Terza edizione

  • caddie — m DEFINICIJA v. kedi …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • caddie — (Voz ingl.). com. Dep. Persona que lleva los palos a un jugador de golf …   Diccionario de la lengua española

  • caddie — 1. caddie [ kadi ] n. m. VAR. caddy • 1895, 1900; mot angl., du fr. cadet ♦ Au golf, Garçon qui porte les clubs du joueur. ⇒ cadet (6o). Des caddies, des caddys. ⊗ HOM. Cadi. caddie 2. caddie [ kadi ] n. m. • 1952; nom déposé; de caddy, mot angl …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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